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Student Guides

Throughout Tech Day, College of Engineering students will be with you and your group, leading you around campus from session to session. They are a great resource for you! They have a wealth of experience and can answer any questions you might have. They can tell you about the academics and the social scene here on campus. They love answering questions and giving you their own personal experiences. Just ask!


All attendees will have the opportunity to view exhibits staffed by members of College of Engineering student societies, project teams, as well as booths for each individual department. Each society or team designs an exhibit based on its interests. Exhibits range from demonstrations of engineering principles to information regarding the society’s goals, interests and activities. They provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about a particular field of engineering or what extracurricular activities exist outside the classroom.

Here is a short list of Tech Day exhibits from previous years:

    -Working vehicles built by student project teams, such as Solar Car, Human-Powered Submarine, Concrete Canoe, and Mars Rover. Our Solar Car team has won four national championships!
    -Computer games written by students for a class project, a student society, or just for fun!
    -Information about our student chapters of national engineering societies, including honor societies and professional fraternities and sororities.

Of course, the College of Engineering is just one part of the University of Michigan. Recognizing this, Tech Day also invites a number of non-engineering societies to participate in exhibits as well. For example:

    -Musical organizations, such as the Michigan Marching Band and the Men’s Glee Club.
    -Air Force ROTC
    -Michigan Learning Communities

Extracurricular activities are an important part of many students’ lives in the College of Engineering. They can provide hands-on experience in applying concepts learned in class, opportunities to gain valuable leadership skills, and friendships that will last a lifetime.
If you are interested in learning more, try the following links:

Maize Pages (an online directory of U-M student organizations)

College of Engineering Student Project Teams

College of Engineering Student Societies

Design Competition

Every prospective student will have a chance to participate in a design competition. The intent of the challenge is to provide a demonstration of fundamental engineering principles in a hands-on, entertaining way. Students form small teams and are given a variety of materials to construct a device, structure, or vehicle that will accomplish a given task.

Here are a few examples of past design competitions:

    -Teams must construct a tower using a limited number of index cards that can hold as much weight as possible. The winning team is determined by a combination of the height of their tower and the maximum weight their tower can hold. Teams in previous years have constructed towers that withstood over 100 pounds!
    -Teams must construct an airborne vehicle that, when dropped from a height of one to two stories, lands inside a target without dropping a small “passenger”. The team whose vehicle has the longest hang-time wins.
    -Teams must design and build a boat out of a square foot of aluminum foil that can hold as many pennies as possible without submerging. In previous years, teams have built boats that have held over 250 pennies!

In past years, students have often cited the design competition as the most enjoyable portion of the day.